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About Us

Mission Statement:


Weaver fosters positive relationships by serving the community and educating students to become leaders of tomorrow.



Our Vision:


Collectively, educating students to become critical thinkers and leaders in society; by using data to achieve high levels of progress for all.



Collective Commitments:



  • Speak the same language (instruction)
  • Meet with small groups/intervention
  • Use data to drive instruction
  • Build trust and confidence and have daily communication with parents
  • Focus on what's essential using learning targets for Literacy and Math
  • Improve professional responsibility through reflection and professional development
  • Commit to a daily schedule
  • Follow school-wide expectations
  • Use best practices to improve student engagement
  • Actively participate in PLC's led by data
  • Include DOK in instruction
  • Facilitate student-led discussions
  • Build student/teacher relationships and rapport
  • Use adequate technology resources
  • Understand our curriculum through planning and preparation
  • Become familiar with students' 504s and IEPs
  • Use appropriate pacing and transition during instruction
  • Make the lessons relevant to students using real world applications
  • Hold data conferences using data binders
  • Provide equitable opportunity learning for all students