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"Space To Learn And Grow"

Weaver Elementary School Mission Statement

The West Memphis School District is committed to educating all students to the highest standards of excellence by providing a rigorous and varied curriculum in a safe environment that will empower them to become productive citizens of a culturally diverse society. We at Weaver Elementary are working on shaping our minds in a focused environment, improving our grades, and becoming a positive influence in the school and community.

Parent Involvement Plan 2016-2017

Weaver Elementary School Parent Involvement Plan


To increase the participation of parents and the community in the education of our students is an intervention in the Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plan at Weaver Elementary School.  The Parent Involvement Plan establishes the actions that are taken in order to encourage and attain this participation.

Weaver Elementary School uses various communication strategies to provide information to parents in an effort to increase parental involvement in supporting classroom instruction.

  • Weaver News which includes school news, a calendar of school events and parenting tips related to school achievement as well as “Helping Children Learn Tips” and “Recipes for Success” will be sent home to parents.

  • Communication Folders containing student papers and work samples as well as parent/teacher correspondence will be sent home daily.  Parents will be asked to address materials in the “Return to School” section and review materials in the “Keep At Home” section.

  • Student Planners will be distributed to each student and parents will be encouraged to check them daily for assignments and events.

  • Information Packets will be given to each parent at the beginning of each school year or upon registration throughout the year.  These packets include important information for parents to have at home including:  school motto, slogan and mission statement; school contact numbers and addresses; practices and procedures; daily schedules; bookstore prices; yearly calendar; volunteer forms; School/Parent/Student Compact, a copy of the parent involvement plan and a parental involvement schedule of events.

  • Teachers will routinely contact parents on an individual basis to discuss concerns, progress and achievements of students.  A phone log will be kept in the office.

  • The school will send progress reports four times each year and report cards will be sent at the end of each nine weeks.

  • The school will use the student handbook, school website, school information sign, Blackboard Connect, notes home, class newsletters, Evening Times News Briefs, and signs/banners throughout the school to communicate with parents.

  • The school will take appropriate action to ensure that information related to the school, parent programs, meetings and activities is sent to parents of participating children in an understandable and uniform format, including alternative formats upon requests, and to the extent practical, in a language that is understandable.

Weaver Elementary School will hold parent meetings, conferences and activities throughout the year at flexible meeting times and dates to increase parental involvement and build staff and parent capacity to engage in these types of efforts.

  • The school will host an Open House at the beginning of the school year during which parents meet their child’s teacher, become familiar with their child’s classroom and daily schedule,  receive information on the curriculum and  assessment methods/schedules as well as parent/teacher expectations and communications. (August 23, 2016)

  • The school will hold two parent/teacher conferences during the year.  The student’s academic progress will be discussed as well as expectations for the grade level, school curriculum, and assessment information including alternative assessments as appropriate, supplemental school programs as provided by Title I and the district, and other concerns a parent or teacher may have.  Parents will be invited to schedule conferences throughout the year by contacting the school office. (Monday, October 24, 2016 and Thursday, March 16, 2017)

  • The annual Title I Meeting will be held each fall to inform parents of the Title I program and opportunities for involvement. (September 12, 2016)

  • The school will encourage parents in the following types of roles and activities to increase their involvement and support for student learning:  Awards Day Presentations; Field Day Volunteers; Open House; Parent/Teacher Organization; Choir Concerts; Art Shows; Book Fairs; Red Ribbon Week; Career Day; Field Trips; Constitution Week Program and Committee Participation.

  • The school will offer Parent Education Workshops that are informative and interactive as per the parent survey data.   Professional Learning Community will help facilitate  workshops. The 2016/2017 schedule includes grade level presentations and information.  The schedule for 2016/2017 is as follows:  September-5th Grade, October-6th Grade, November-1st Grade, January-4th Grade, February-2nd Grade, March-3rd Grade, and April-Kindergarten.  Parents will be informed of the date, time, and topic of each event through notes home, Weaver News and notes to parents in the student planner.

Weaver Elementary School will provide information to parents about volunteer opportunities.

  • A parent volunteer sign up form will be included in the Family Information Packets.  Registration forms including the areas in which parents would like to volunteer will be kept in a Volunteer Resource Book and a copy will be given to each classroom teacher as per parents in each classroom.  Parent volunteers will be recognized during the Kindergarten and 6th Grade Promotion Ceremonies.

  • In the 2014/2015 school year and every fourth year thereafter, each educator shall be required to have two (2) hours of professional development designed to enhance understanding of effective parent involvement strategies. In the same year and every fourth year thereafter, each administrator shall be required to have two (2) hours of professional development designed to enhance understanding of effective parent involvement strategies and the importance of administrative leadership in setting expectations and creating a climate conducive of parent participation.

  • The school will provide instruction to a parent on how to incorporate developmentally appropriate learning activities in the home environment.  Instruction will be as per the Parent Needs Assessment Survey data.

  • Community involvement will be encouraged through Partners in Education, Weaver Career Day and community programs and activities.  The West Memphis Police Department and the West Memphis Fire Department are our Partners in Education.

  • The school will promote the emotional and academic transition from preschool to kindergarten and elementary school to junior high through Weaver Elementary School tours for preschool groups as well as individuals, “Kindergarten Round-Up”, “Bye-Bye Breakfast” during which kindergarten parents are given school information and parent tips, participation in age appropriate school events of the onsite ABC Preschool, 6th grade tours and orientation segments at East Junior High as well as East Junior High band and choir concerts during the year.

School staff, parents, and students will develop a school-parent-student compact.  This compact will outline how parents, school staff and students share the responsibility for improving student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state’s high academic standards.  All stakeholders will sign the compact.

The school will provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the development, implementation and evaluation of the schoolwide school improvement plan, and the Annual Title I Meeting to engage them in the decision-making processes regarding the school’s Title I, Part A Program.

  • The school will involve parents on school improvement planning committees.  

  • The school will involve parents on the Parent Involvement Committee to help develop, evaluate and update the Parent Involvement Plan.

  • Parents will be asked to complete a Parent Survey and a Parent Involvement Needs Assessment Survey each year.

  • To take advantage of community resources, the school shall consider recruiting alumni from the school to create an alumni advisory commission to provide advice and guidance for school improvement.

  • The school will enable the formation of a Parent Teacher Association or organization that will foster parental and community involvement within the school.

  • The school will engage parents in decision-making about the allocation of its Title I Part A funds for parental involvement.

Weaver Elementary School will provide resources for parents.

  • The school will provide a Parent Resource Center.  Parents will be encouraged to utilize the center through the school website, school newsletter and special incentives during school events.  The resource center will house the School Improvement Plan, Parent Involvement Plan, parenting materials including pamphlets, books and magazines as well as parent/child media for circulation.  A computer will be accessible for resource center visitors.

  • The school will distribute Informational Packets each year that include a copy of the school’s parental involvement plan, survey for volunteer interests, recommended roles for parents/teachers/students and school, suggestions of ways parents can become involved in their child’s education, parental involvement activities planned for the current school year and information about the system that will be used to allow parents and teachers to communicate.

  • To promote and support responsible parenting, the school shall, as funds are available purchase parenting materials such as books and magazines through the school library for parent circulation.

  • The school will include in the school’s handbook the school’s process for resolving parental concerns, including how to define a problem, whom to approach first and how to develop solutions.

  • The principal at Weaver Elementary School will designate one certified staff member who is willing to serve as a parent facilitator.

Weaver Elementary School will engage parents in the annual evaluation of the Title I, Part A Program’s parental involvement efforts through an annual Parent Involvement Needs Assessment Survey.  Data obtained from the survey will be used by the Parent Involvement Committee to evaluate and plan for the following year.

Weaver Elementary School will use the Parent Survey and Parent Involvement Needs Assessment Survey to select, plan and implement parent involvement activities for the year.

  • Parents will be asked to complete a Parent Survey during the fall Parent/Teacher conference.

  • Parents will be asked to complete a Parent Involvement Needs Assessment Survey during the spring Parent/Teacher Conference.

  • Results from the Parent Survey and Needs Assessment will be reviewed by the Parent Involvement Committee, ACSIP Committee and Leadership and suggestions and recommendations will be incorporated into the parent involvement plan and school improvement plan as feasible.

Weaver Elementary School will conduct an Annual Title I Meeting.

  • The school will conduct an annual Title I meeting separate from any other meeting. (September 12, 2016)

  • The Title I meeting will include a description/explanation of the school curriculum, information on forms of academic assessments used to measure student progress, information on proficiency level students are expected to meet, the school’s Annual Report Card, Parent’s Right to Know and Written State Compliance Procedure.

  • An agenda, sign-in sheet and minutes for the meeting will be kept on file in the school office.

Weaver Elementary School Parent Involvement Committee:

Thomas Davis, Parent

Calandra Alexander, Parent

Joyce Tucker, Parent

Shelia Grissom, Principal

Alicia Bray, Teacher

LaChanca Morris, Math Coach/ Parent

Kathy Spragins, Librarian/ Parent Facilitator

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